The WA DEFENCE REVIEW Policy Blog is another credible platform within the established suite of communications that WA DEFENCE REVIEW provides. The Policy Blog strives to publish interesting original content on a range of topics related to defence industry, military affairs, national security and geo-political analysis.  WA DEFENCE REVIEW accepts submissions from professionals across the spectrum of politics, government, Defence, industry and academia and encourage prospective contributors to contact us to discuss their interests.

Slide The Defence Sector and Regional Australia: Prospects For Economic Development When I became Minister for Defence Industry back in 2019, I made a commitment to every small business in regional Australia, from the Hunter Valley in the east to Geraldton in the west. I wanted to ensure that they were given every opportunity to play a role in the development of Australia’s sovereign defence industrial base......... ... read more COMMENTARY Slide Australia-Poland Relations: Prospects for Defence Industry Cooperation Poland may not be well known as a potential market for Australia’s defence industry, but the opportunities are there for firms willing to look beyond the traditional export destinations. In recent years both countries have sought to expand political and economic ties, and this has also resonated strongly in the sphere of defence industry cooperation........ ... read more COMMENTARY Slide Deeper Cooperation: New Era Heralds Australia-India Strategic Ties The ties that bind Australia and India run far deeper than our shared passion for cricket. Around 15,000 Indian soldiers stormed the shores of Gallipoli alongside the ANZACs: our two nations have served alongside each other in war, peacekeeping missions, disaster responses and military exercises....... ... read more COMMENTARY Slide The Rise of Airpower in the Indian Ocean Region: How Australia Should Respond The Indian Ocean region is changing. A new balance of power is emerging as India rises, China enters and the United States begins concentrating its efforts elsewhere. In recent years, Indian Ocean states have invested in enlarging and modernising their air forces, some to fight and win wars, others to enhance their status....... ... read more COMMENTARY Slide Reconceiving Australian Land Power: Whither A Two Ocean Army? If the Indo-Pacific geo-political concept is to amount to more than strategic rhetoric, Australia needs to consider Southeast Asia as a convergent maritime hub that constitutes not a ‘sea-air gap’, but a ‘sea-air-land’ bridge into the Malay archipelago that runs from Java to Fiji. A joint and balanced ADF is required with Australian land power reconceived within a ‘two-ocean’ maritime strategic context....... ... read more COMMENTARY Slide Managing Uncertainty: Supply Chain Integrity, COVID-19
And The Future Of Australian Ports
The challenge of COVID-19 for our national supply chain is ongoing, the results of which we may not see for some time. The positive out of all this? The recognition of our supply chain as something that Australia would crumble without. As an island nation, our livelihood depends on our ability to trade...... ... read more COMMENTARY
Slide Australia’s Future Submarine Debate: A Reality Check The Royal Australian Navy’s Future Submarine project – SEA1000 – is a gift to anybody with a strong opinion who doesn’t understand submarines and technology development. Most of the commentary on the project has been untarnished by facts or expertise..... ... read more COMMENTARY

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