Indian Correspondent Joins WA DEFENCE REVIEW Team

22 June 2020

WA DEFENCE REVIEW’s reach into Indo-Pacific military and strategic affairs has expanded with the addition of our new ‘India Correspondent’ Ms Suman Sharma, of New Delhi. The move will provide perspectives on an Indian Ocean neighbouring state with the potential to be a major strategic player in the 21st century.

Suman comes from a military family, has been an instructor in the Indian Military and has for over a decade been operating in the sphere of defence, foreign policy, military diplomacy, and industrial relations journalism where she has published prolifically and conducted many an interview.

In reference to the contribution she expects to make, Suman said “The Indian defence sector provides for a wide variety of articles with different angles, investigations, interviews, defence expositions and air shows, as well as frequent policy changes that can be covered, something that no other South Asian country offers”.

Her work has included analytical exposes, new defence system launches and major international expo coverage. “I plan to contribute well researched and in-depth articles that will add value to WA DEFENCE REVIEW”, she said.

Suman is fluent in English and Hindi, includes military history among her hobbies, is a member of the New Delhi-based Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses and The United Services Institute of India, reads and debates military history and international relations.  She has a Master’s degree of Philosophy in English Literature, a Diploma in Journalism and twice qualified for commission in the Indian Army.

Founder and Managing Editor of WA DEFENCE REVIEW, Serge DeSilva-Ranasinghe, in commenting on Suman Sharma joining his team, said “The addition of Suman Sharma to our capable team is yet another demonstration of WA DEFENCE REVIEW’s expanding capabilities and rising profile as a leading Australian defence communications and events platform”.

“As a nearby Indian Ocean state and strategically important regional power, India and Australia increasingly share a convergence of shared strategic interests that will see bilateral relations markedly expand in the coming years.”

He concluded “As such, being the only defence platform in Australia dedicated to covering Indian Ocean strategic and military affairs, by appointing an India Correspondent WA DEFENCE REVIEW is now better positioned to provide unique commentary and analysis on matters germane to Australian interests”.

Suman’s past articles touch on such fascinating topics as the major controversy over a former Indian Army’ Chief of the Army Staff’s age, contention over the Eurocopter contract to supply 197 helicopters to the Indian Army, and China’s war plans for India.

There is variety and spice enough there to rivet anyone with an interest in Australia’s Indian Ocean theatre.  WA DEFENCE REVIEW welcomes her to the team and looks forward to her value adding to its successful news and strategic coverage.

About Terry Booth

Terry BoothTerry Booth is a Special Correspondent with WA DEFENCE REVIEW. He served in the WA public service advising on industry development, contracting with Defence and defence suppliers to supply training, and managing the former Defence Industry Skills Unit. He completed the Defence and Industry Study Course (DISC), and until recently was a board member of the WA chapter of the Defence Reserves Support Council, and also a member of AIDN-WA's executive board for over 20 years where he was granted a life membership in recognition of his tireless service and commitment.