Indian Correspondent Joins WA DEFENCE REVIEW Team

WA DEFENCE REVIEW’s reach into Indo-Pacific military and strategic affairs has expanded with the addition of our new ‘India Correspondent’ Ms Suman Sharma, of New Delhi. The move will provide perspectives on an Indian Ocean […]

Fremantle Army Museum Tour
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Tour Of The Fremantle Army Museum

The Army Museum in Fremantle may be one of the Port City’s best kept secrets for many people, but it is secret no longer for the Australian Institute of Management WA group that visited on […]

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Tour Of Hofmann Engineering

It’s a common thought that the biggest rewards accrue to the biggest risk takers – but Hofmann Engineering Managing Director is having none of it. To Erich Hofmann, the very nature of engineering is to eliminate risk – you analyse the problem, design the solution, and manufacture it to a certified quality-controlled process. […]

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Tour Of JFD Australia Bibra Lake Facility

It takes a special breed of sailor to choose a life of living cheek by jowl in a steel tube whose distinguishing characteristic is to sink into the gloomy depths. But any ‘sinking feeling’ this […]